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About the Southern Autograss League

Southern Autograss League


Formerly separate clubs, Wessex and South Somerset have now merged to create one super-club!


Our home is Bearley Raceway, just off the A303, near Yeovil. We are known to have one of the fastest and most desirable tracks in the South.


We are pleased to offer a respectable number of race meetings each season where drivers will be able to race at least 2 Heats and a Final, as well as Open races at each meeting.


This means not only more racing for drivers, but also more action for spectators!

What is Autograss??


Autograss is a non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval (approximately 400 metre) track using a natural soil surface. Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never far away. There are several differing classes of car, from near standard minis or small hatchbacks through to spaceframed single seaters with monster V8 or twin motorbike power!


Up to 8 cars start on a straight line grid and race over short 4-8 lap races. This results in the major meetings, most of which are staged over 2 days, offering upwards of 200 races. All classes normally race through qualifying heats and finals and, if time permits, open races where different classes race against each other.


The social side of the sport is a very large factor in its appeal and friends from all over the country meet and catch up at the "larger" events. The family nature of the sport is important - sometimes all members of a family can share the same racing car, although juniors (12-16 yrs) are restricted to two less powerful classes for obvious reasons!


No autograss event requires competitors to enter prior to the day and (with the exception of the National Championships, which require qualification/registration) any NASA licence holder can race at any NASA meeting just by turning up with a car that meets the national construction rules for its class.

Racing licences are available for men, ladies and juniors. Also available are mechanics licences for those who do not wish to race but would like to be part of this very affordable motor sport. It is first and foremost an amateur sport, so there are always plenty of opportunities to join in and help to run your local club!  

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