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Southern League Committee:

Chairman - Rhys Wyeth

Vice Chairman - Derek Hardy

Secretary - Lisa Hills

Treasurer - Paul Bennie

League Officials:

Chief Marshal - Ian Jenkins/Tom Evans

Assistant Chief Marshals - Chris Tudgay/Jamie Barlow

Chief Scrutineer - Steve Ford

Assistant Chief Scrutineer - Justin Hardy

Safety Officer - Dougie Atkins

Track Master - Rich Parks

Promo Team Leader/Social Media - Dev North

South Somerset Committee:

Chairman - Derek Hardy

Vice Chairman - Paul Bennie

Treasurer/Secretary - Lindsay Pitman

Chief Scruitineer - Justin Hardy

Wessex Committee:

Chairman - Jon Napier

Vice Chairman - Ian Jenkins

Treasurer - Nick Ireland

Secretary - Lisa Hills

Chief Scrutineer - Darryl Barlow

Member - Rhys Wyeth

Member - Steve Ford

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