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Southern League Race Dates

2024 Race Dates:

Sunday 7th April (Q,L,C) - 10am Start  - CANCELLED

Sunday 21st April (Q,L,C) - 10am Start

Sunday 26th May (Q,L,C) - 10am Start

Monday 27th May (L,C)  - 10am Start


Sunday 9th June (Q,L,C) - 10am Start

Sunday 7th July [Reserve Q,L,C) - 10am Start 

Sunday 21st July  (L,C) - 10am Start

Sunday 11th August (L,C) - 10am Start 

Sunday 8th September

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October

- Grand Prix 9:30am Start (Two Separate Days Racing)


C - Club Points

L - League Points

Q - National Championship Qualifier

Race Day Admission:

Adults - £10

OAPS/10-16yrs- £5

Under 10s- FREE

Note: All above meeting are held at Bearley Farm Raceway unless otherwise stated

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